Crowder announces bid for re-election to a third term

Brian-Paul K. Crowder
Brian-Paul K. Crowder

Little Falls resident Brian-Paul Crowder has officially announced that he will seek a third term as Little Falls alderman-at-large. He is the youngest child of Paul and Joyce Crowder and is a lifelong resident of the city of Little Falls.

Crowder is the owner of the 9th Ave Salon and has served on a variety of community and city boards. He was elected to office in 2007.

In addition to his years of service to the city of Little Falls, Crowder served for 16 years on the Little Falls Carnegie Library Board and has been serving for the last 16 years as the current treasurer and superintendent of Oakland Cemetery.

Crowder said he prides himself on being approachable and accessible to the public.

“I’m always willing to answer questions and concerns,” he said. “My voting record is one of fiscal responsibility and eliminating the staggering debts from the previous administration.

“I think the last eight years have illustrated how much the city has accomplished, but I think it has also provided a blueprint for the future. The city’s sign ordinance continues to weigh heavy on our community. It’s time to move past petty personal issues and get the garage sale signs off the vehicles of area residents. If the appearance of our community was a concern, this certainly isn’t the solution.”

Crowder said he’s asked tough questions over many things “including the staggering forfeiture of bank interest by the city and its fund raising practices. I’m very proud to have contributed objectivity, and an independent perspective that has facilitated compliance to laws, charters and policies.”

Crowder pointed to his experience as a benefit to the city and said, “Knowledge and competent understanding of city laws, charters and policies as they pertain to our unique community only comes with time, dedication and experience.”

  • robin hensel

    The only council member who truly represent EVERYONE. Had it not been for the Alderman, I would not have had ANY REPRESENTATION IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT. Little Falls City Council and Mayor, a LAWLESS, ROGUE council. Just plain NOT ACCEPTABLE. Wake up community….what they have done to me, they will do to another.

  • If only the Morrison County Record didn’t completely delete an entire section of Crowder’s press release!

    The latitude given to papers was given with the intent of INCREASING transparency and what the Record has once again done is the complete reverse. And they’ll probably also refuse to post any reference to their alteration from the original.

  • robin hensel


    • robin hensel

      Maybe I made a mistake and replied accidentally to myself. The post I made earlier was intended to be a response to Jody but it doesn’t show up like that here. Why not? It was written as a reply to Jody, but doesn’t show up that way . I believe everything in Alderman Crowders’ original longer announcement flowed well and should have been published as it was written. Why censor? What was it that the Record wanted hidden from their readers?