Referendum good for local business

To the Editor:

As a small business owner in Little Falls, I fully support the school district’s facilities project, particularly the building of a field house.

Small businesses depend on attracting customers to eat, shop and stay in our community; the recreational facilities in the field house will help to do exactly that. Visitors coming to Little Falls for sporting events in the field house buy food, gas and all those things they forgot to pack when they left home.

They spend time between games catching a bite to eat or browsing through local shops. They will see our town, understand all that we have to offer and hopefully gain a positive impression that encourages a future visit. All of this is good for local businesses.

Not only will the field house attract visitors, but area residents using the walking track, open gym space and community rooms will find shopping our local retailers, pharmacies, restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations more convenient than going out of town.

This referendum is as good for local business as it is for the children, families and seniors living in our community. — Trent Carr, Pizza Ranch, Little Falls

  • J. SKI

    I’m sure that SOME businesses will benefit from a “field house”, provided that sporting events and tournaments can even be held there. More than likely, food businesses and gas stations, those located near the “field house”, may have an increase in business profits to offset the added increase in property taxes, however, it’s not likely that those NOT located near the main highway, Hwy 10, will benefit. The question to answer is “Will those profits continue for 25 years?”…maybe pizza will go “out of favor” with the “fit-minded” athletic supporters?

    The rest of Trent’s comment is largely speculation and wishful thinking…perhaps he should build another Pizza Ranch on the west side of town and vote “NO” to the “field house”…he might be farther ahead, considering his expansion ambitions.