Taxes too high; vote ‘no’ May 19

To the Editor:

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income who does not see any reason I should have to pay for a community center which I will never enter.

This is the third referendum in the last 10 years which we were led to believe the first one would take care of everything by the end of its 10 years.

I received a 1 1/2 percent raise in my Social Security this year and if this referendum passes, I will have a 20 percent increase on my property taxes for a total of 43 percent of my taxes going to the school district of which I have no children or grandchildren in.

Some states also drop school taxes to seniors 65 years of age on their primary residence. Not here. — Larry Schrupp, Cushing

  • HeeHee

    I wonder who paid for your kids Larry?

    • newpolitiq7

      While I understand your point, HeeHee (and you must know Larry, to know that he has kids who someone else paid for at some point), I also do understand the concerns of low-income and/or fixed-income folks who think they’re not getting much out of this except for a higher tax bill. Tom West’s editorial on this didn’t really touch on how this impacts the large number of our area’s lower-income folks, who’ll pay a higher percent on this. Also, Tom Scherling didn’t mention in his pro-referendum letter whether he thought rental property owners would be raising rents to cover this increase, either. The intentional choice/strategy to present this as a single vote (as opposed to 2, one for “needs”, one for community/athletic complex), leads me to believe that those who made that decision thought Little Falls voters might cast what they veiwed to be a “compromise vote”, saying yes to the “needs” and no to the “wants”. If more “no” votes end up carrying the day, they’ll know they should have hedged their bets differently by presenting this as two votes.

  • josh

    I am glad it did not pass as I did not need a raise in my property taxes. I do not use the public school system for my 2 kids, I fully fund their education on my own. If Little Falls was serious about fixing the school they would have made it into separate polls between the repairs and the community center and not a one vote for all. I agree that the school needs to be maintained; why has there not been a yearly savings to go towards maintenance? If there is then why was this not planned ahead, it is not like these type of repairs just sneak up on you. This just is another example of the inefficiencies of government handling of taxpayers money. I would suggest that they have fundraisers for that where citizens choose to donate money instead of them taking from the coffers of the taxpayer. Spending in our education system needs to be way more efficient than it currently is.