National Night Out brings community, law enforcement together


Morrison County’s public safety organizations got together with local residents for a night of music, food and fun, Aug. 11. The festivities included a cookout with local fire departments, live performances from St. Francis Music Center students and demonstrations from the county SWAT team. Above, Amber Johnson, left, made friends with K-9 Deputy Dan Rocheleau and his partner, Benny. Below, Zachary McCall, left, learns the basics of bicycle safety from Little Falls Police Officer Josh Andrea.


  • robin hensel

    Nice event but doesn’t make up for the REALLY BAD PR MOVE recently made by LFPD Chief Schirmers to REMOVE the online daily police reports. Taxpayers deserve better. What are they hiding? ×
    Who made the decision? The chief or Mayor Greg Zylka, head of police department and Schirmers boss? Call city hall, the police dept and demand an answer. This REEKS of corruption.

  • lfc

    I wondered how long it would take…

  • my veiw

    Maybe just maybe they did a assessment and the cost and lack of use might have been the factor. Besides if people wanted to see them they can go to the court house to see them but of coarse there’s no other way but corruption right Robin.

    • robin hensel

      LFPD police reports are NOT at tge courthouse….they are at the PD. No reason to remove daily reports except to hide them from the public.

  • my veiw

    so basically they are trying to save money and your response is to complain instead of walking in to look at the reports you self. Lazy and ignorant.