Rinkel charged with second-degree assault by motor vehicle

Brian Donald Rinkel, 34, Hillman, was charged Tuesday with one felony count of second-degree assault with a motor vehicle and a tire iron.

According to the criminal complaint, on July 30, someone reported a possible burglary to 911, stating that the victim had followed the suspect vehicle and was run off the road.

Officers met with the victim, noting that the victim’s car was in the ditch and appeared to have damage to the front passenger side.

The victim allegedly stated that he was leaving his home earlier in the day when he observed a vehicle parked by one of his sheds. The victim contacted a male suspect, later identified as Rinkel, near the vehicle, asking him what he was doing there. Rinkel allegedly  mumbled something in response, then left in his pickup, although the victim tried to prevent him from leaving by standing in front of his vehicle.

The victim allegedly stated that he followed the suspect vehicle, but that the suspect vehicle turned around, headed toward him and rammed him into the ditch. The victim alleged that Rinkel grabbed a tire iron and came toward the victim’s car, shaking the tire iron and yelling. Rinkel then got back into the suspect vehicle and left.

On Aug. 11, the victim called to report that the suspect vehicle was parked at a residence he believed belonged to Rinkel.

On Aug. 12, officers went to the residence and photographed a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle. The victim later identified Rinkel from a photo lineup and confirmed that his vehicle matched the suspect vehicle.

If convicted, Rinkel faces up to seven years in prison and/or $14,000 in fines.