Kresha speaks, but doesn’t act

To the Editor:

In Ron Kresha’s latest newsletter to constituents, he tells his audience about increasing broadband access in rural Minnesota. Kresha tells us he is speaking at a broadband meeting and tells us about millions of dollars that will come to rural Minnesota to increase broadband access.

The part about him speaking is absolutely true. Kresha has always done a lot of speaking about broadband access. It’s the part about all that money that’s coming to us that’s more than a little misleading.

During the last legislative session, when Kresha and the rest of the Republicans could have voted for Gov. Dayton’s budget, which increased funding for rural broadband by another $20 million, Kresha voted with his party against that funding.

Kresha also talked in his newsletter about $500 million that is coming to Minnesota for broadband in the next six years. That’s federal money, not state. Kresha had nothing to do with that.

Just like we’ve seen from him on health care access and middle class tax fairness, Kresha is once again doing a lot of speaking. His actions and votes speak otherwise.

One more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season — we have an election coming up next year. — Roman Witucki, Morrison County DFL chair, Little Falls

  • John Snell

    I guess Ron thinks the Fed’s are good afterall. I don’t think he will turn down the money.