Elected officials bowing to one

To the Editor:

There are so many items/events that are good in the city of Little Falls. Why are the city officials bending over backward to please one individual resident? Are the elected officials scared of her?

Ms. Hensel probably requested a display only to show that she is not an organization/group, but just an individual that wants to put a damper on a joyous holiday. Her display was probably offensive for public viewing.

She apparently has a lot of time on her hands, that she can destroy the good of all the organizations in Little Falls. If she doesn’t like what is going on here, then the only alternative is that she should move.

She has gotten her way about the signs. She received taxpayers’ money to “pay her off.” Now, she is going after any displays on “public property.” Apparently, she hasn’t received enough publicity or she just likes to see her name in the paper.

Let the Little Falls organizations and others enjoy the Christmas season. — Roxanna Schmidtz, Little Falls

  • tmac

    I still do not understand how Hensel’s display qualifies as a “seasonal display.” When one reads the definition of seasonal or seasonal display, this comes nowhere close to meeting those qualification.
    Also, I had no idea that war was seasonal.

  • Darrell Allord

    Roxanna, this woman (I won’t call her that) is a person that loves to stir the pot to the point that it turns residents against residents. She is not married, nor does she own her past business of the flower shop, nor does she foster children. So with all of those strikes against her, she finds great enjoyment in aggravation and misabuse of the Bill of Rights. She repeatedly has stated that she will not delete any posts on her blog if a person uses their real name, so after she defamed my family and I, I and well as my other family members posted requests for her to take it back, she simply deleted them so the public could not view our remarks. This comes for a pathetic person who states she won’t detete any, and later claims that her “words are golden”, but she is not living up to her own words. Honestly tell us why a flag from the middle east, stained with fake red blood, placed on city property, has anything to do with Christmas? Or life in general in Little Falls. She taunts them so called “war killing machines” from Camp Ripley, but them war killing machines she so blantantly taunts, have fought and died to give her the freedom to do what she does. You know you can only play with a rabided pit bull for so long……….