Stop arguing over Hurrle Hall

Stop arguing over Hurrle Hall
To the Editor:
I attended the Founding Day Worship commemorating 125 years of faithfulness in mission by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls.
The worship was beautiful and the message was powerful — for 125 years the Franciscan Sisters have faithfully — and with humility — carried out their mission to witness to the Gospel of God’s love by caring for the poor, the sick and the elderly, by educating the young, by working for peace, and by working diligently to protect creation. The Sisters’ commitment is to God and to life. They are a gift to our community and the larger world. They should be celebrated — not criticized for a decision which is theirs to make.
On the way to worship, I noticed several people carrying signs proclaiming “Save Hurrle Hall.”
My immediate reaction was “Enough.” For months, in newspaper articles, in letters to the editor, in picketing and in meetings, those opposed to the Sisters’ decision have made their position clear. They have been heard.
But the fact is that it is the Sisters’ building; it is the Sister’s mission; it is the Sisters’ decision. We should respect that decision by letting go of a beloved building and joining them in serving the living.

— Rev. Dr. Henry French, pastor of First Lutheran Church, Little Falls

  • newpolitiq7

    Amen, Pastor French.

  • tmac

    Absolutely right.

  • Richelle Schmitz

    Please note that Pastor French’s wife is employed by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls in their Music Center. Of course he would side with the Sisters.

  • tmac