Copper Street Brass to perform in Little Falls, March 22

Minneapolis-based Copper Street Brass (CSB) represents a new direction in chamber music. Combining classical music with jazz, pop and rock music, the CSB will perform in the Charles D. Martin Auditorium at the Little Falls Community High School Auditorium Tuesday, March 22, at 7 p.m. Admission to the concert is free.

The concert, called “Evolution in Concert,” is the capstone event for the CSB’s day-long educational residency in the Little Falls public schools, Tuesday.

The CSB’s concert will feature music from Mozart to Dave Brubeck to Billy Joel and has a blend of musical styles and fusion of electronic effects with brass.

A full-time 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts ensemble, the CSB prides itself on shattering the divide between listener and performer with their bantor and audience interaction. In addition to concert performances, the group focuses on education and introducing kids to music through educational workshops and individual lessons throughout the Twin Cities and across the Midwest.

“They’re a group whose smart programming and bright personalities have taken the brass to a new level,” said Steve Staruch, classifical MPR host.

The CSB residency and concert is funded through a grant from the Five Wings Art Council.

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