Value community, school and kids

To the Editor:
Congratulations to Pierz for winning WCCO’s “Best Gym in Minnesota” award. We were recently there to watch our grandchildren play basketball and were very impressed with their beautiful athletic center. Unfortunately, Little Falls cannot host these tournaments because we don’t have enough basketball courts.
Last week, we traveled to Foley to watch another grandchild compete in their fieldhouse, which includes a track, several basketball courts and a walking path. Again, Little Falls won’t have any home track meets for the second year in a row because our track is unsafe.
The two schools mentioned have fewer students than Little Falls. However, they and others are examples in our area and/or conference who realized the importance of upgrading their athletic facilities in order to be safe, current and competitive. Now is the time for us to “catch up” and show that we also value our community, our school and all our students.
Please vote “Yes” for questions 1 and 2, on May 10.

— Joan and Denny Bellig, Little Falls

  • J. SKI

    Another couple of “sports” supporters who want to “catch up” to other school districts. Isn’t this like “keeping up with the Jones'”, whom also support this referendum, and can afford the tax increase?

    When I went to high school, which is now the middle school, I had to use that track for gym class for 3 years. That track, even when it was new, had water on the track or had “runoff” erosion problems. We were told to “run around” the problem areas. This school district has had 50+ years to fix the problem but failed in doing so.
    Now, the district wants the elderly, minimum wage earners, farmers, and renters, who can expect an increase in their rent as their landowners have to pay more taxes, to pay for it.

    So, Joan and Denny, when the referendum fails again, are you going to move to Pierz or Foley? Then, you can help pay for their “sports” referendum spending.