Farmers and a facilities referendum

To the Editor:
I write this letter from the perspective of a school board member as well as a farmer. As a Little Falls Community Schools Board member, I can say that the Board worked very hard to make sure all the facility improvements are necessary, purposeful and practical. There is no fluff.
The $32.3 million referendum will increase your taxes. If you own a home with an estimated market value of $125,000, your taxes will increase $135 a year by passing both questions.
Farmers will pay much, much more. In many cases their taxes may increase by several thousand dollars. Is this fair? No.
Passing the referendum cannot increase crop prices or control the weather in order to increase farm income. It is time to do something about this unfair tax system. Complaining and just voting “No” doesn’t solve the problem.
Everyone, not just farmers should be contacting those that can change the law. Contact Rep. Ron Kresha, Sen. Paul Gazelka and Gov. Dayton. There are currently two bills in the legislature dealing with this issue. We need to “take the bull by the horns” and change this unfair system. Make this a fair tax.
The referendum is necessary and farmers do support education.

— Cathy Adamek, Randall

  • J. SKI

    The school board took 4 minutes to approve the 2 questions on the ballot…you call that working “very hard”?

    The fact that any “improvements” to Belle Prairie Sports “Complex” and repairing the outdoor track takes precedence over secure entrances, roof replacement, handicap access, and classroom upgrades shows that this is about “sports fluff”.

    Putting in comments about proposed legislation wouldn’t be that helpful to farmers. From what I’ve read, it will only reduce taxes for one year for farmers only. “The Senate File proposed, SF 826, would limit the increase in the first year to 10 percent and after that, agricultural property owners would pay the full rate.”…Where does Cathy think that state money would come from? Does the State of Minnesota have a money tree? No matter how she looks at it, it’s taxpayer money no matter where it comes from.
    This is a 25 year tax burden on many people who can’t rely on a paycheck increase, unlike school boards who can give themselves an increase, and increase teachers pay. It’s not a wonder why they are all in favor of this referendum.

    The school district board and its’ superintendant have a “hidden” sports agenda that deserves “NO” votes to both questions on May 10th.