Evaluation of Upsala’s sewer mains will cost city thousands

When the new town homes at Walnut Ridge in Upsala, just south of town, were built in 2014, one of the requirements placed on the city was to ensure that the city’s main sewer lines be cleaned and televised. The city owns the main sewer lines and is obligated to keep them in good repair, that time has now come.
It was initially estimated that the total cost for the project would fall to $20,195. This included the base bid of $17,945 for lump sum mobilization, cleaning of up to three passes and televising of the sanitary sewer mains. The remaining $2,250 was included in case additional work, such as a heavy cleaning of up to an additional three passes and root cutting, would be needed.
The city recently received quotes from three different televising contractors. Johnson Jet-Line, Inc. came in at $16,006, Ritter and Ritter at $23,484 and Hydro-Klean, LLC at $41,672.84.
The Council approved the bid by Johnson Jet-Line, Inc.’s at $16,006.
The televising will give the city a good idea of where improvements to the public system need to be made. At this time, mainline pipes and manholes will be checked for breaks, cracks, roots and bad connections. Sump pumps that are connected to the sewer will be inspected, as well. Possible deficiencies in service lines will be checked for breaks, cracks, roots and foundation drains.
Mayor Rollie Johnson said he hopes this project can get started this year.
“The goal is to get started as soon as possible and can take two or three years to complete,” he said.
The areas at Walnut Ridge and St. Mary’s Church
will not need to be inspected, since they have new upgraded lines, said Johnson.


Upsala City Council Briefs

In other business Monday, the Upsala City Council:
•    Approved permits to Time Out Bar and Grill to hold a kickball fundraiser event July 2, at the Upsala City Park. Barbecue-style burgers, soda and beer will be sold on location. The event is held from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. There will be no music;
•    Approved permits to Time Out Bar and Grill to hold its second anniversary party July 23, at the Upsala City Park, from noon to midnight. The event permit approves Time Out Bar and Grill to set up for the event on July 22, from noon to 8 p.m., and July 24, from noon to 5 p.m. to clean up. On the event day, recorded music will be played, from noon to 8 p.m. and live music from 8 p.m. to midnight. Barbecue-style food, beer and liquor will be sold on location;
•    Discussed potholes found in different streets of Upsala needing attention. A committee made up of Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Member Dennis Westrich and maintenance man, Frank Koopmeiners will investigate further to determine all roads that needs to be repaired;
• Heard that Upsala Fire Department’s backup pumper truck is now repaired. About 20 holes found in the tank were welded shut, along with some small spots where rust was forming. The only thing left to do is to apply a rust inhibitive neutralizer that works as a sealant; and
• Discussed the results of the feasibility study that was done to determine whether there was a need for facility with senior housing, assisted living and memory care units in Upsala. The study, completed by Admark Resources in Sartell, factoring in a 50 percent capture rate from the identified need, determined there is a need for up to nine independent or congregate unit is, two assisted living units and seven memory care units. Demographics indicated that the city currently has 589 individuals over age 65 living within a seven mile radius of the community. That number is projected to increase by 11.9 percent over the next five years to 659. Mayor Rollie Johnson said the city is currently looking for builders.

The Upsala City Council’s next regular meeting will be Monday, June 6, at 7 p.m. at the Fire Hall.