Taxes for hardly anything in return

To the Editor:
Once again we are voting on a referendum that will make our taxes skyrocket  and give us hardly anything in return. Yes, we may have a new field house where activities will be held, but nothing for education purposes. How can we justify spending money we don’t have? We could be using our tax money on bigger and better books, iPads, etc.
New sports complexes bring an increase in costs for keeping up maintenance, heating, air conditioning, electricity and keeping it insured. Over the next 25 years, this alone could cost millions to the taxpayers. Other schools in the state of Minnesota are shutting down sports programs.
For example, St. Cloud is $6 million in the red and had to shut down six sports programs. Richfield shut down the hockey programs after being at the top for so many years because of the cost of the sport. Parents are already paying to have their children play in the sport.
So in other words please vote “no” May 10.

— Loren Bobick, Little Falls