Dads can alter the course of events

By William K. Smith Sr. Pastor, Trinity Chapel Church of God, Little Falls

The term “Dad” is known the world over to stand for a cause he believes in, even when that stand puts him in the minority. The wonderful thing about being a parent is that even the common, ordinary things we do can have a tremendous impact: going to work, coming home from work, being faithful to your wife, bringing the paycheck home to support the family, being a moderate provider and a shelter from harm, even throwing a ball, sipping “tea” from a plastic cup, pushing a bicycle without training wheels, saying no, saying yes.

These things are so simple anyone can do them. But what makes them great is that not everyone has the determination to actually do them.

Remember the story of Noah in the Bible? Noah actually saved humanity by saving his family (Gen 6:5-10). When the world was falling apart, this father went about life in such a way as to find favor with God. According to the Bible, the thoughts and deeds of all the people were so wicked that God planned to wipe mankind from the face of the earth. But Noah found favor in the eyes of God because he dared to be different and did not mimic the spiritual climate of his peers. God saw a redeeming quality in Noah so Noah’s family was spared the destruction that God poured out on the rest of the world.

What a thought to consider — that one man living right in a wicked world could get God’s attention. When God looked at the world he saw a dismal picture. But when he saw Noah, he must have sat up a little straighter on his throne. A smile must have formed on his face. And in that moment, as he considered Noah, he devised a redemptive plan and decided on a way to save the one man who did what was right — and his family.

Dad, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing, live right and you will secure the honor, respect and love of your family. Your integrity may just spare your family from the judgment of God. In fact, the way one man lives sometimes alters the course of world events.

Happy Father’s Day.