Sixth graders from Pierz, Little Falls and Swanville named essay contest winners

Sixth graders from across Morrison County were invited to write an essay about their favorite older person in their life. Many wrote about a beloved grandparent, while others chose a neighbor or family friend.
One girl and boy were selected as winners from each school and advanced to the county competition. Judges read and reviewed these essays, choosing first, second and third place winners from the boys and girls categories. Horizon Health has announced the students who wrote the winning essays.
First place winners are Emma Mikkelsen and Jeremy Hintz from Little Falls Community Middle School; second place winners are Mackenzie Morris from Swanville Public Schools and Daniel Ruiz Martinez from Pierz Pioneer Elementary; and third place winners are Graci Stangl from Pierz Pioneer Elementary and Kaleb Primus from Swanville Public Schools.
Students will be recognized for their well-written and heartfelt essays at the Morrison County Fair, Senior Day, Aug. 14.
Following is one of the first place essays:
Laurel Carl Sharon
by Jeremy Hintz
I am writing about my grandpa, Laurel Carl Sharon, or Bud, as everyone called him. My Grandpa was a very hardworking man. He owned a dairy farm and a lumber saw mill. He was also the clerk of Parker Township where he lived for his whole life. He loved and supported his family. His wife’s name was Lorraine. They were married for almost 70 years before my grandpa died.
My grandparents had two sons and five daughters that included my mom, Lori.
Grandpa was born in 1920. He lived through the Great Depression and World War II. If he was still alive, Bud would be 95 years old, but he died 1 day after his 91st birthday when I was 8 1/2 years old. I admire my grandpa because he was patient and kind. He never got angry, and never yelled at anyone. He trusted God, never swore, and never drank alcohol.
My grandpa was always calm, and he could do almost anything with his hands. He only got to go to country school through the 8th grade, but he was really smart and liked to read and play games. He built all the buildings on his farm. When he retired, he made wooden objects like wooden cars, houses or dolls. He made rocking chairs and tons of gadgets and toys. He always had time for me, too.
One of my memories about my grandpa was when he fell and broke his wrist. I knew I had to do something about this. I didn’t want to have him or my grandma fall and get hurt, so I started to sleep over at their house, and help them out when they needed me. When school started my mom went down to see them and others came to see them.
I knew they were getting very old and could die, so I started to help them out. In our time together me and my grandpa would play cards, walk down to the river and play outside and I would race with him to my house. When he started to get older we just stayed inside, talked, and played cards. He was not good at remembering things, so he would sometimes ask the same questions again and again. His favorite was, “Do you have a girlfriend yet?” I would say, “No” and he would say, “That’s good.” I had many memories with him.
What I learned from him was to never give up. If you want to do something in life, keep trying hard and you will most likely get it. I really liked him when he was around. I wish I could be as calm, faithful and hardworking as my grandpa. I wouldn’t be me. My grandpa was a great example. I wish I could be everything my grandpa was.
Senior Day will be held Sunday, Aug. 14, at the Morrison County Fairgrounds in Little Falls, in the Ag Center building.
The day starts off with the Polka Mass at 10 a.m., followed by a lunch provided by Horizon Health. The essay contest awards ceremony will start at noon and the winners of the Outstanding Senior Award will be announced after.
Those who are interested in attending for lunch, are asked to RSVP by Aug. 10, by contacting Brittany at (320) 468-6451 or [email protected]