Meyer suspended for first game of Region 8C Tournament

The following is a statement released by the Victory League on the one-game suspension of Brady Meyer of Lastrup due to his actions on a run to first base in the 10-9 win over Buckman, Sunday, July 24.

“A decision has been rendered involving the collision between Brad Meyer of the Lastrup Lakers and Mark Kahl of

Brad Meyer slides into third in a game against Opole earlier this season. (Photo by Tyler Ohmann)
Brad Meyer slides into third in a game against Opole earlier this season. (Photo by Tyler Ohmann)

the Buckman Billygoats. After much discussion and doing a lot of listening with input from the Vice-Presidents of each division, excluding the Vice-President of the East, the Victory League officers have determined that Brad Meyer will be suspended from the first game of the Region 8C tournament that the Lastrup Lakers are scheduled to play. We believe the umpires made the correct call on the field per the collision and interference rules of baseball and that is there only job. So why did the VL decide on this one game suspension:

First, the collision could have been avoidable;

Second, the defensive player was totally defenseless with no way to protect them self;

Third, the runner lowered their shoulder right before impact;

Fourth, player safety is very important in the VL- most of us have to go to work the next day;

Fifth, we had a video of the incident. This does not set any precedent for future decisions. Facts and circumstances will always be different and we always want to gather as much information as possible before rendering a decision, and;

Sixth, this is the first incident of any kind involving  Brad Meyer which is why we decided a one game suspension was appropriate (some felt a two game suspension was too harsh for first offense).

The suspended player can choose to be in uniform and on the bench for the suspended game, or be in attendance in street clothes, or choose not to attend. That decision is between the Lastrup Lakers and Brad Meyer. If player is in uniform and on the bench, his name will not be included on the line-up card as a starting or substitute player which is given to the umpires before the start of the game in which Brad Meyer is suspended.

The Lastrup Lakers and/or Brad Meyer have 24 hours from the receipt of this e-mail to appeal this decision.

Randy J. Heidmann, President of the Victory League”

The Lakers are scheduled to play St. Stephen in the opening round of the Region 8C Tournament at 11 a.m., Saturday, July 30.