America haters should just move

To the Editor:
I was just wondering what has happened to our way of life? I drive into town and what do I see, a hideous looking car sitting there with “I love Muslim” and “America is Violence,” all over it. If this person hates America so much, why don’t they just move to a country that is run by Muslims and see how long they will get by with that kind of slander in that country.
I suppose if I write I love Jesus and God on my car I will be arrested for some kind of religious extremism. Well guess what? I do love Jesus and God and my country.

—Arlie Weitnauer, Little Falls

  • newpolitiq7

    “Well guess what? I do love Jesus and God and my country.” Hmm — are you sure? I think you might actually believe that it’s a zero-sum game re: Christians v. Muslims in our United States of America. I’m reading Jesus and the Gospels somewhat differently, sir. The sign on the car reads: “I love my Muslim neighbor”. That’s a Christian message, according to my Christian church. Did you have a chance to view this:

  • John Snell

    Nothing has changed it is our way of life to dissent, it’s Democracy in action. Because you disagree doesn’t mean you hate. You will not be arrested for having “I love Jesus” or “I love Muslims” on your car . I fail to see the extremism in what Jesus taught us to love all our sisters and brothers. If that’s religious extremism to you , you must not be a practicing Christian.