Little Falls Police Department Report

July 21 — A resident on 11th Street Southeast reported someone had a put a basketball sized hole in the door of their vehicle while it was parked in the driveway.
July 21 — Someone stole two American flags from a residence on First Street Southeast.
July 21 — A resident reported someone had damaged their vehicle while it was parked in a lot on 18th Street Southeast.
July 23 — A business on Second Avenue Northeast reported a shoplifter.
July 25 — Someone intentionally set a vehicle on fire while it was parked on 10th Street Southwest.
July 25 — A resident on Eighth Street Northwest reported property damage.
July 25 — A resident on Broadway West reported a theft.
July 25 — A resident on Second Street Southeast reported property damage.
July 26 — Someone using spray paint vandalized the garage and a dumpster at a residence on Second Street Northeast.
July 26 — A resident on First Avenue Northeast reported a theft.
July 27 — A resident on Riverwood Drive reported property damage.