Confederate flag has no place in Little Falls

To the Editor:

Like last week’s letter writers, I have been horrified to see the Confederate flag prominently displayed right here in Little Falls — flying from the back of a pickup truck. Maybe you have seen it around town. The letter gave me the courage to speak up.

As the letter shows, there are people who feel strongly enough about this hateful and divisive symbol to protest its presence by taking their business elsewhere. I feel for those who may suffer because of this. After all, free speech allows for the flying of the Confederate flag. But silence can suggest consent. Any bully knows this.

Love of hard-won freedom compels us to speak up when we see something blatantly racist and offensive. I cannot let my silence be misconstrued as consent to the hurtful message this flag sends to many of our citizens.

Please, sir or madam; take down your Confederate flag. – Kate Peterka, Little Falls