School Board should not pay legal fees

To the Editor:

At the Aug. 15 Royalton School Board meeting, several citizens were present to protest the district’s payment of attorney fees to represent Supt. Dr. Jon Ellerbusch in response to a complaint filed by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators. Several citizens voiced disapproval to Board members and were appalled that taxpayer dollars would support this. Despite the public’s objections, Director Lenz made a motion to support with Director Swenson seconding the motion. Director Hackett was the only member not in favor.

If you’ve never been to a School Board meeting, I highly recommend you attend and take notice of how meetings are run. However, be aware that you must be on time because in the event you have a question, it must be submitted in writing prior to the start of the meeting in order for Board members to prepare their answers. Consider yourself fortunate if you get a response.

Our community deserves better and more importantly, our kids deserve an administration they can look up to. I strongly urge you to take the upcoming opportunity to elect new School Board members Nov. 8. — Kathy Swan, Royalton