Somali family threatened in Little Falls

Two men allegedly threatened to burn down the home of a Somali family in Little Falls if they didn’t move out.

The Little Falls Police Department spoke with Anab Ali, Aug. 11, who said two white males, one about 30 and the other about 65, came to her home Aug. 7, accused her of being a terrorist and told her Muslims were not allowed in Little Falls.

Ali told officers the older man was yelling loudly and she told them she was not going to leave town, when the threat to burn down her home was made.

The younger man, according to the report told her to move to St. Cloud and leave Little Falls.

The younger male was described of officers as being tall with a medium build, and had shoulder length blonde hair, a goatee, and was wearing sunglasses, jean shorts and a T-shirt.

The older man was described as being about 5’foot, 7-inches tall, strong-built, with white hair and a tattoo on the side of his neck as well as down both of his arms. He too was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.

The case is currently being investigated. Anyone with information on who the two men are should contact the Little Falls Police Department at (320) 616-5570.

  • newpolitiq7

    From the article above, “The case is currently being investigated.” The Star Tribune points out that it’s not only “being investigated”, it’s being investigated as a hate crime: “The (Little Falls Police) department reported the confrontation to the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension this week as a hate crime after a reporter called to ask about it.”

    Given the unfounded, hateful and outrageous fearmongering regarding Muslims/Somali people in our area and Central MN, in general (some of which was summarized in the Star Tribune news story), it was only a matter of time until someone felt emboldened to act on all of the hateful rhetoric.

    • Erik Warner

      Isn’t it interesting that all that hateful rhetoric has proclaimed that Islam is a religion of violence and terror yet it is locals who are suspected of acting violently and terrorizing a family?

  • tmac

    This type of behavior is totally unacceptable and I hope that whoever threatened this family is found and held accountable for their behavior.

  • Chris Lange

    IF this did happen, it was 2 people. We don’t need a bunch of social justice warriors coming on here and calling the whole town hateful fear mongers. In case you don’t know this, people are coming here because we are the least hateful people on earth. There are no people getting burned alive or decapitated here.
    BUT if this is an unfounded accusation. It has been predicted by some (including me) that if we did get an influx of refugees that they would begin instigating lawsuits and making demands that we change our laws and culture to accommodate them. It’s possible this is just the first in a number of incidents that will make our dealing with the current “town crier” look like child’s play.
    AND to say any reasonable concern about refugees is “unfounded” is ridiculous. One only has to look at Europe, Michigan, and here in Minnesota to see enough problems to cause reasonable concern.

    • Mockingbird

      I fail to see what law this family is demanding we change. Would you or would you not call the police if two men showed up at your door threatening to burn down your house?

    • newpolitiq7

      “BUT if this is an unfounded accusation.” This is an incomplete sentence (and an “unfounded” implication). Why do you presume this hard-working (f.t.-employed mom of 8) has any reason to make this up? Her life is busy and difficult enough — she doesn’t need this nonsense and this unwelcome attention. I didn’t catch the part in your comment where you say you’re saddened that this happened to her, by the way.

      And, by the way, much of the fearmongering about refugees is NOT “reasonable”, and is not based on fact.

    • newpolitiq7

      Chris, Just curious: why anyone would be critical of any justice initiative? Can you provide more clarity regarding your disdain for this? (and I’m actually praying your disdain doesn’t emanate from Glenn Beck’s school of thought — this kind of thing: Hoping it isn’t so, but if it is, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion about what “justice” looks like, and how Christian churches may respond.

      When Brigitte Gabriel was in Little Falls, there were even Christian pastors who were fooled by her largely discredited speech: When you read the article, you’ll find one (of possibly many) Christian pastors who actually buy in to the paranoia. As a Christian, myself, I’ve met very few pastors (who I respect) who don’t agree that Jesus always welcomes refugees (in fact, Jesus was a refugee).

      In that vein of thought, I was saddened to hear that Usama Dakdok will be back in MN, spreading his hateful rhetoric: Looking forward to possibly speaking with him in Brimson.

  • Mockingbird

    This is disgusting. I hope when these nasty people are caught that it is widely publicized what church they attend.

    • tmac

      Why is it important to you to know which church they attend?

      • Chris Lange

        Cause then people like “mockingbird” can use this isolated unproven allegation to condemn every member of that church while simultaneously telling others not to condemn muslims for their MULTITUDE of terrorist activities.

        • Mockingbird

          My point was that these people are being persecuted for their religion, when, ironically, the religion of these men will NOT be publicized. I wonder, though, how their church peers would feel if they were judged based only on the bad actions of their peers.