Charges pending against two Little Falls men for stolen ATV

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office and the Little Falls Police Department report that charges are pending against two adult males for their involvement in a burglary that originated in Mille Lacs County.

The Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office asked for assistance Saturday, Sept. 17, regarding a stolen ATV from that county.  Information was passed onto the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office that the stolen ATV was dropped off at Hilmerson Sports Center, south of Little Falls, for repair work.

While investigating the theft, officers discovered that a power/charger pack was stolen from Hilmerson Sports Center by the same suspects who dropped off the ATV.  The stolen ATV and the power/charger pack were both located by the Little Falls Police Department, at an address on 12th Street Southwest in Little Falls.

Bryce Tschida, 25, and Samuel Nicolas, 37, both of Little Falls were arrested and are being held in the Morrison County Jail pending formal charges.

Morrison County Sheriff Shawn Larsen said this case is a “Great example of multiple agencies sharing information and working together, which ultimately resulted in an arrest and recovered stolen property.”