Royalton has three new members on its School Board

Residents in the Royalton School District elected three new faces to its Board, Tuesday. Two incumbents, Liz Verley (365 votes) and Jeff Swenson (531 votes) lost their seats, and one incumbent, Michelle Carlson chose not to run.

Mark Petron
Mark Petron

The three new faces on the Royalton School Board will be Mark Petron, who garnered 1,252 votes, Ellie Holm with 1,066 and Noel Guerard with 756. Other candidates, on the ballot for Royalton School Board were Jason Leibold, who received 610 votes and Jayson Revoir, 336 votes.

Petron said he was very happy to be elected. “Thanks to everyone who voted for me. It was very nice. I’m ready to work for the district and be a team player.”

Ellie Holm said she felt like she had won an award when she learned she had been elected,

“I was really, really happy,” she said.

“I know there is going to be a lot to learn and I’m excited for that,” she said. “But, my first and top priority as of now is to get the district members involved, informed and aware of what is happening in the schools.”

Ellie Holm
Ellie Holm

She said it takes a lot of effort and involvement to make the best district for the kids and community.

Thankful to those who voted for her, she said, “The support in the change we needed was overwhelming. I will do my best to be your voice. … I will be here for you.”

Noel Guerard was also appreciative of being elected and said he looks forward to learning as much as he can about the process and the school itself.

“I don’t think anybody that’s not on the School Board really knows as much as they need to know, so I’m going into it as a student myself. I’m not going into it like the expert that’s going to change everything right away,” he said. “Thanks to the people who voted for me. I hope to do a good job for them.”

Guerard said he hopes to solve the problem of public perception and divided opinions.

Noel Guerard
Noel Guerard

“I want to try to get it back to being a united community,” he said. “Hopefully get that back to where the community feels like they’re being heard, and it’s more of a united community.”

Liz Verley, who lost her bid for re-election, said, “I think change is good and there’s lots of challenges ahead. I just hope these newly-elected think of what’s good for our students first.”

Other school board race results included:

  • Little Falls: Incumbents Jay Spillum and Cathy Adamek received 5,398 and 5,571 votes, while Julie LeMieur will replace her husband, Mike LeMieur, who chose to run for a county commissioner seat, instead. She received 5,571 votes.
  • In Pierz, incumbents Joanne Broschofsky and Steve Boser were re-elected with 1,739 and 1,557 votes respectively. Robert Litke lost his seat to Rick Sczublewski, 1,378 to 1,544.
  • The Staples Motley School District re-elected all of its incumbents, including Greg Frisk – 2,298; Chad Longbella – 3,025 and Bryan Winkels – 2,769. Challenger Creig Dobson received 2,039 votes.
  • Swanville School Board Incumbents Chris Kircher and Kathy Beckman were re-elected with 695 and 628 votes respectively. Luke Peterson will fill the seat vacated by Jeff Opelia, who chose not to run for re-election. He received 655 votes.
  • Upsala will see two new faces on its Board in Andrew Wensmann (566 votes), and Stephen Roerick, 619, who will replace Marvin Wensmann and Amy Poppenhagen, who chose not to run. Incumbent Karin Nelson received 554 votes to keep her seat. Challenger Roxie (Fuchs) Leners, received 537 votes.