Randall’s chicken ordinance sent back to city attorney


Randall’s Chicken Ordinance, in the works for much of 2016, was again sent back to the city’s attorney, Peter Vogel, for revisions. While the City Council did not elaborate Wednesday night on why the changes occurred, they included the deletion of the words in Section One: “Birds of the orders Anseriformes and Galliformes,” and in Section Two: “male duck (drake), male goose (gander) or male poultry.”

Section Five was deleted completely. It read, “The applicant for any permit required under this ordinance shall provide with the application the written consent of 50 percent of the owners or occupants of privately or publicly owned real estate adjoining the premises for which the permit is being requested. Property separated from the premises for which the permit is requested by a street shall be considered adjoining.”

A permit to keep chickens will be good for one year from the date of issuance and may be renewed from year to year with payment of an additional fee. The first year of chicken ownership requires a $60 fee which is good for two years. The fee will be $30 annually for subsequent years, the amount set by resolution.

All applications will be investigated as is necessary and the city may grant, deny or refuse to renew any as it sees fit.

A full ordinance will be printed in the Morrison County Record’s public notices section when it has been finalized and approved by the Council. The ordinance is expected to be voted on during the December meeting.

Randall City Council Briefs

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Randall City Council:

  • Learned there were 15 applicants for the position of maintenance supervisor, replacing Wendell Schultz who is retiring in 2017. These will be reviewed by the hiring committee when 3-to-5 will be chosen for interviews to take place in December, with the date to yet be determined. City Administrator Matt Pantzke said it will be tough decision as there are several good resumes with great qualifications;
  • Learned the city has received one bid of $11,620 to reshingle the roof of the community center in Bingo Park. Pantzke said the amount needs to be added to the budget, but Councilman Rick Turner said more bids need to be looked at before a decision is made. Pantzke also said that, to date, $4,000 has been received in rental fees for the building;
  • Heard from Pantzke that it is possible to turn in delinquent utility accounts to the Department of Revenue for collection through the resident’s tax refunds. Pantzke said in many cases, those customers who left town without paying their utility bills were renters and to recoup the money, their Social Security Numbers were needed. The city will ask for Social Security Numbers in the future before turning on utilities;
  • Heard that the city was approved to receive a grant from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority to drill a test well at the site of Well Number One. The water from that test well will be tested to determine the level of treatment needed. Northland Drilling submitted the low bid ($2,800) for the job;
  • Voted to approve an on-sale and Sunday liquor license for the Randall VFW Post 9073; a 3.2 off-sale beer license for Petro Plus; a 3.2 on-sale beer and on-sale wine license for Roger Pietron (Alaska Fish Company); and cigarette licenses for Gosch’s Store and Petro Plus;
  • Approved a donation of $4,100 to Little Falls Community Services for 2017. Outgoing Mayor Bob Riitters told Mayor-elect Dan Noss that he would need to appoint a representative for the Community Services Board in January 2017;
  • Voted to accept the 2016 election results: For mayor, Danny L. Noss was elected with 161 votes and Bob Riitters with 155 votes; for City Council, Rick Turner was re-elected with 190 votes, and James Chyba with 137 votes, Brian Zilka received 118 votes and Andrew Haider, 57 votes;
  • Voted to reactivate Mitch Tavares, formerly an officer in Randall, as part-time law enforcement personnel with the city. He will average 12 hours per week with a beginning wage of $19 per hour. After three months, his wages will increase to $20 per hour;
  • Approved donating $4,500 to the Fourth of July Committee for the 2017 celebration;
  • Agreed to have Pantzke sell the recently replaced chairs from the bar at $20 apiece; and
  • Voted to not waive the tort liability for 2017 per Minnesota Statute.

The next scheduled City Council meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Dec. 21, at the Randall Fire Hall.