Royalton agrees to pay denied insurance claim

In November, the Royalton City Council requested that its insurance carrier, the League of Minnesota Cities, attend its December meeting to explain why it would not pay a claim for damage caused by a sewer line backup.

At Tuesday’s Council meeting, Mayor Andrea Lauer said the request was “adamantly refused.”

The claim was for damages received at the home of Rachel Gottwalt home when a city sewer line backed up. Damages and cleanup came to approximately $6,000.

Lauer told Gottwalt, “My feeling is, since you did not have anything to do with the sewer problem, I think the city should pay for the damages.”

Councilman Ed Zimny said, “It stinks that we pay for insurance and it won’t cover this claim.”

Agreeing with the mayor, the Council voted unanimously to pay for the damage.

Royalton City Council Briefs

In other business Tuesday, the Royalton City Council:

  • Agreed to grandfather in a sign on a garage on the south end of town. The garage, owned by Gary Borash, has had a sign on it for over 60 years and he pays a yearly fee to the state allowing for the sign;
  • Set the 2017 levy at $281,702. This is a 0 increase from the 2016 levy;
  • Approved paying the cost of repair parts, amounting to $1,053, for the first response truck;
  •  Decided to pass credit card processing fees on to residents who use credit cards to pay the city for services;
  • Approved tobacco licenses for Scottie’s Log Bar, The 10 Spot Bar and Lounge, Royal Tesoro, Holiday, Royalton Discount and Liquor and Bill’s Superette;
  •  Approved a gambling permit for the Wrestling Club for Aug. 4, 2017, at the 10 Spot Bar and Lounge;
  • Declined the request for $3 per household from the Morrison County Animal Humane Society;
  • Approved a partial payment of $2,800.50 to Dechantal Excavating, Brainerd for work completed on the First Street South project;
  • Authorized a quit claim title action for the industrial park;
  • Set a public hearing on changes to the public right of way ordinance for Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017; and
  • Approved a prosecution contract with the Morrison County Attorney.

The next Royalton City Council meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017.