GOP will create more havoc

To the Editor:

Judging by the way that Mr. Trump is interacting with China and Russia, our country is not prepared for whatever plans they have for Trump and Congress to deal with. A relative of mine likes to refer to China as “the sleeping giant.”

During World War II, a famous quote states, “Loose lips sink ships,” and Mr. Trump is not principled enough to keep his mouth shut.

As for government shutdowns, in 2005, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, along with the GOP House majority, and the DFL members, shut down our government for nine days, because of the same fiscal dispute.

Pawlenty and the GOP majority also left Gov. Dayton a $5 billion fiscal shortfall when he left. In 2011, we had to deal with a 20-day government shutdown, with the GOP in control of the House and Senate. According to a MinnPost poll, the GOP party was to blame for the shutdown.

One of the fiscal gimmick problems that Pawlenty and the GOP party created, was delaying the payment of K-12 school aid. So, it had nothing to do with pre-school education. By the way, Dayton has veto power and Kurt Daudt is the one who is trigger happy.

Pawlenty was famous for creating “fees” with his fiscal gimmicks. I hope that the GOP Minnesota House and Senate do that with trucking companies with $500,000 sales revenue. ­— Claudette Moran, Little Falls