Family behind BrandUsed looks to be there for the community

Staff Writer
Stephanie Allord, left, and her daughter Venessa Laughter at BrandUsed, Allord’s store on Broadway. Allord took over the store from a friend of Laughter’s and said she hopes to provide good clothing at a good price for her customers.

For former restaurant manager and youth minister Stephanie Allord, the opportunity to run a business that was there to help people, was an opportunity she had to take.

She and her daughter Venessa Laughter took over the second-hand clothing store BrandUsed from a friend of Laughter’s who decided to leave the business to take care of her children.

Laughter said she found out her friend was selling the business when she was helping out around the store before the owner had her child.

When Laughter found out the store was up for sale, she said she knew it was a great opportunity her mother should take.

The two took over the store and inventory and reorganized it all.

For Allord, despite the challenge of it, running the store has been a good experience.

“I’m really enjoying it. The people who are coming in here seem to think we’re doing a good job,” Allord said.

She said her goal is to make it so people can come to the store and buy an outfit without having to spend a lot of money on it.

“If I can share clothes with people who need clothes and who can’t afford the other stores in town, then that’s what I’m here for,” Allord said.

Currently, the racks upon racks of clothes crammed into the store on Broadway consist of women’s and children’s clothing.

Allord said she is looking at expanding to offer men’s clothing as well.

As customers come in and request clothing in different sizes, she will do her best to accommodate them, Allord said.

She said people have been coming into the store steadily.

Allord said it has been a learning experience for her. As a restaurant manager, she knew who her vendors were and that was where she’d get product.

With a second-hand clothing store however, she said there is a lot of searching to find what the next boost to her inventory is.

“That’s the biggest thing, finding the clothes to buy for this,” Allord said.

She said there has been a lot of searching the Internet at her house to try to find garage sales to buy clothes at.

For Allord, meeting new people, getting to know them and helping them pick out clothes is the best part of her job so far.

Allord said she makes sure she is honest with her customers, even if it might not be what they want to hear.

“I’m not going to lie to you. If you don’t look good in it, I don’t want you walking down the street in it,” Allord said.

Those looking for more information on BrandUsed can go to their Facebook page, call (320) 291-1398 or stop in at 56 E. Broadway, Little Falls.