Halfway Jam 2017 canceled as organizers prepare for 2018

Staff Writer

It’s time to take a year and plan for making Halfway Jam even better in 2018, Lori Muyres said.

She’s the daughter of Bill and Sandy Henry who started Halfway Jam and own the land it’s held on.

“We just really need a year to regroup and restructure,” Muyres said.

While she said the family can’t go into specifics because of contracts, she said they are looking into increasing the capacity for crowds and campers at the event.

Muyres also said while they will keep the main part of the event’s music classic rock, some new music could be added to the lineup.

“We’re open for change, but we’re still focused on classic rock,” Muyres said.

She said the family is working with people to work on expanding the event and making it better than ever.

Questions or comments can be posted to the Halfway Jam Facebook page.