Brandi Kloss named February Student of the Month at RHS

Brandi Kloss
Brandi Kloss

    Brandi Kloss, daughter of Jessie and Kevin Kloss, was named the February Student of the Month by the faculty of Royalton High School (RHS). She is the oldest in the family with a sister, Mikayla, and a brother, Dylan, along with their dog named Eddie.

Kloss’s favorite class is pre-calc with math teacher Jeff Schoenrock.

“We do terrible math jokes every day and it brings joy knowing we can have a laugh through the tough assignments,” Kloss said.

“Brandi has done an outstanding job of being a great role model in the classroom and school. She is helping kids after school with their homework. She is a tutor for a variety of kids,” Schoenrock said. “When I was out for health-related issues she came into my class without being asked during her open period and helped the students understand what was being taught. Brandi does what she can to make people feel like they belong and are welcome.”

Kloss said her favorite teacher is Lindsey Gruber, because, “The smile she always has brings life and energy to people who may not have it, especially on Mondays. She is willing to take time out of her schedule and work with the students about class work or even if they need to just talk, she’s always eager to help.”

Gruber said of Kloss, “As a student, Brandi continues to impress me with her persistence to learn. She is inquisitive, asks questions to further understand a topic, and is dedicated to getting the most out of her education. In the process, she also helps others to do the same and can frequently be found explaining a concept to a classmate or starting a class conversation on the topic at hand. She not only stands out in the classroom, but also shines as a leader within the various teams and clubs she is a part of. Brandi has been generous in giving of her time to plan and participate in various Spanish Club activities throughout the year. Brandi is actively engaged in our school and community and has a passion for helping others.”

In addition to being active with volleyball, Kloss is also involved with many of the clubs at Royalton, including National Honor Society, Tech Club, Spanish club and Youth Energy Summit (YES) group.

Leslie Burggraff, volleyball coach, said, “On and off the court, Brandi is a leader. As a two-year captain on the varsity volleyball team, her teammates looked up to her. She filled the gym with her positive energy during practice and in games. She was always willing to learn from the coaching staff and teach the underclassmen, always willing and able to help whenever she needed to. Brandi will be greatly missed next year in our growing program.”

Kloss said her favorite school memory took place at a seventh-grade basketball game.

“My best friend and I were going for a rebound and when I jumped and landed, my foot went down her shorts and pulled her pants down,” she said.

After graduation, Kloss plans to attend University of Minnesota in Morris for secondary education.  She sees herself in 10 years back in a high school setting, but in front of the classroom. She sees herself still living in a smaller community with a family and maybe some children.

Kloss had this advice for freshmen, “Be true to who you are. If you don’t like what you are doing, change.”

Kloss said one of her favorite quotes is, “If you don’t like something, move. You are not a tree. Do things with passion, with excitement and most of all do the things you love to do, not what someone else loves to do.”