Megan Langer and Andrew Poster named as Pierz Students of the Month

By Lorae Vardas, Correspondent

Andrew Poster
Andrew Poster

The faculty selection committee at Pierz Healy High School recently named the February Students of the Month. They are Magen Langer, daughter of Mark and Ellen Langer, and Andrew Poster, son of Sara Vogtlin and Jeff Poster.

The senior classmates exhibit exemplary scholarship, participate in a variety of activities and possess leadership potential both in the classroom and sports arena.

Langer co-captains the tennis team and is a member of the Spanish Club. She loves relaxing with a good book.

Magen Langer
Magen Langer

“I enjoy reading in my spare time because I can go wherever I want in the world and still be back in time for supper,” she said.

“My most memorable experience during my high school years was in junior year when a few of my friends and I dressed up as skeletons and made up a muscle movement dance for extra credit in human biology,” she said.

Langer said she has many role models. “All my friends have influenced me in a positive way these past few years,” Langer said. “They all have different characteristics that I admire. I am truly blessed to have had such wonderful friends come into my life.”

Anticipating graduation day, Langer said, “I will definitely miss my silly, sweet, crazy and kind group of friends. I’ve known some of them since grade school and it will be hard not seeing them every day.

“If I could meet anyone, I would want to meet Jesus. I have so many questions for him, although I know the answer to most of them would be ‘have faith,’” Langer said.

Langer has high academic aspirations and a creative mind. She is pleased to have been accepted by the College of St. Benedict to further her education.

“I hope to finish my double major in theology and Spanish in four years and study abroad to gain more experience in the Spanish culture,” Langer said.

Kara Patrick, biology teacher and College in the Schools (CIS) instructor, said she is certain Langer is headed for success in whatever she decides to do.

“Magen is a dedicated, capable and personable young woman,” Patrick said. “She is very energetic and passionate in her beliefs and what she wants to accomplish. Magen is very hardworking and conscientious about everything she is involved with.”

Randy Fischer, Healy High science teacher, said Poster has all the characteristics that teachers relish in a student – intelligence, excellent work ethic, terrific social skills and an optimistic attitude.

“I can’t help but take pleasure in observing the upward progression Andrew has made as a student over the past four years. What makes Andrew exceptional is his ability to work within a team and enhance its effectiveness,” Fischer said.

“There is an African proverb that states, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Consequently, I can only foresee unlimited success for Andrew as he further develops his talents in college and beyond,” Fischer said.

Upon graduation, Poster plans to attend Minnesota State University Moorhead in an as yet undetermined field of study. But history holds a certain intrigue. He said learning about the past is a favorite activity because there is so much of it and it’s  so interesting. He may be the only senior who has read the great Russian novel “War and Peace,” by Leo Tolstoy in its entirety.

When not in the classroom, Poster excelled in football, Knowledge Bowl, the robotics team and the clay target league.

“My most memorable experience has been shooting at Alexandria for the trap team,” he said.

Blunt and honest by self-assessment, Poster said his greatest role model has been his Uncle Ken.

“He taught me to always be charitable and always be myself,” Poster said.

As a hockey fan, he someday would like to meet Swiss born Nino Niederreiter who plays for the Minnesota Wild.

Meanwhile, he’s looking forward to all the excitement that comes with graduation. On the downside, he knows that he is going to miss his friends and being able to hang out with them every day.

Poster and Langer join the growing list of Students of the Month at Pierz Healy High School who are now eligible for scholarships courtesy of Farmers and Merchants State Bank to be awarded in May.