A couple of townships to see new officials after elections

Voters in 21 townships elected their officials during township elections held Tuesday, with one township asking voters to decide on a resolution.

     Agram Township Incumbent Supervisor Tom Leidenfrost was re-elected with 16 votes and Galen Stumpf was elected as treasurer with 15 votes. Incumbent Treasurer Leon Leidenfrost retired after 46 years of service.

     Belle Prairie TownshipIncumbents Supervisor Frances “Babe” Brisk and Treasurer Shirley Waytashek were re-elected, both receiving 26 of 28 votes cast. John Brutscher received one write-in vote for supervisor, one ballot was left blank for treasurer and one ballot was spoiled.

     Bellevue TownshipSeventeen voters unanimously re-elected incumbents Supervisor George Suska and Treasurer Marlene Hopwood.

     Buckman Township Allan Stangl received 18 votes to win over incumbent Supervisor Rodney Winscher, who received one vote. Incumbent Treasurer Jane Funk won re-election, receiving 19 votes.

     Buh TownshipTwenty-one votes were cast to re-elect incumbent Supervisor Keith Gohl and to elect a new treasurer – Kayla Schraut. Gohl received 19 votes, while Alan Poser and Ron Stuckmayer each received one vote. Schraut received 21 votes.

     Culdrum TownshipFourteen of 15 voters re-elected incumbent Supervisor Mark Kedrowski.

     Cushing TownshipIncumbent Supervisor Daniel Symanietz and Treasurer Janice Stavish both won re-election, with 57 and 53 votes, respectively.

     Darling Township Incumbents Supervisor Greg Zilka and Treasurer Jon Nelson were re-elected, with 18 and 19 votes, respectively.

     Granite TownshipGranite Township will have a new supervisor, Tom Loidolt, who received a unanimous 12 votes. He replaces Clarence Block, who retired from the position. Alan Welle was re-elected as treasurer, getting nine votes.

     Green Prairie Township Ten voters unanimously re-elected Supervisor Wayne Stoner and Treasurer Mary Hoover.

     Lakin TownshipForty voters decided Duane Britz should serve as supervisor, with 25 of 40 votes. Incumbent Supervisor Mark Bialke received 15 votes. Treasurer LaVonne Micholski was re-elected unanimously.

     Leigh TownshipIncumbent Supervisor Larry Hebler was re-elected to his seat with 10 votes. No one ran for the treasurer position, so Mel Buesseler was appointed.

     Little Falls TownshipTwenty-six voters went to the polls to re-elect incumbents Supervisor George Sandy III and Treasurer Joann Sowada, with 22 and 24 votes, respectively. Also receiving votes were Dave Becker, one vote for supervisor and Adrian Sowada and Jeannie Miller, who each received one vote for treasurer.

     Motley Township Thirteen of 15 voters cast ballots to re-elect incumbent Supervisor Mark Youngbauer. Thomas Kramer received 15 votes in a special election for supervisor and incumbent Treasurer Harvey Macheel was re-elected unanimously.

     Parker TownshipRon Wimmer beat out Dean Robinson for the supervisor seat, 22-12. Incumbent Treasurer Lynette Miller retained her seat, with 32 of 34 voters supporting her.

     Pierz Township — While no officials were up for election in Pierz Township, 12 voters approved a resolution to make the offices of clerk and treasurer appointed positions, on a 9-3 vote.

     Pike Creek TownshipIncumbents Supervisor Ron Hourscht and Treasurer Lisa Turner were re-elected by 54 voters, receiving 51 and 54 votes, respectively.

     Platte Township Ricky Hebler was elected as supervisor with 39 votes, while Vince Kelash received 9 votes, and one ballot was left blank. He replaces Judy Boser, who retired after 27 years of service. Treasurer Debbie Swaser was re-elected with 48 votes. One ballot was left blank.

     Ripley Township Twenty voters unanimously re-elected Supervisor Curt Plante and Treasurer Patricia Branchaud to their posts.

     Swan River TownshipIncumbent Paul Fussy retained his supervisor seat, with 86 votes cast. Incumbent treasurer Jim Krottoschinsky was re-elected with 50 votes, while Nathan Rudolph received 36 votes for treasurer.

     Swanville TownshipFourteen voters unanimously re-elected Neal Johnson as supervisor. Thirteen voted to re-elect Treasurer Peggy Bliese.

                Two Rivers TownshipTwo Rivers Township had one of the largest turnouts with 122 voters. Incumbent Stan Christenson won re-election with 72 votes, while Joe Lahr received 50 write-in votes. Newly-elected treasurer, Amy Borash, won with 50 write-in votes.