Build social capital; give to the Food Shelf by March 31

The month of March is more than half gone. The same cannot be said of the need at the Morrison County Food Shelf.

Each March, the Food Shelf holds an annual drive to bring in as many food and cash donations as possible. That’s because all donations are matched by corporate giving and grants.

Last year, 206 new families were served by the food shelf, many of them people who never thought they would need to use the Food Shelf.

Some people think that paying taxes to help the poor is enough. While the government attempts to do many things to help those in need, it takes its money through forcible taxation. Even though the efforts may be worthwhile, paying taxes does not change people’s hearts.

What does change people’s hearts is when they have a vested interest in helping by giving of their time and money of their own free will. By giving to the Food Shelf, you are acknowledging not only the need of the less unfortunate among us, but the simple fact that they exist.

Many of those people are embarrassed that they have to ask for help. However, they didn’t end up with bare cupboards because of a lack of character. They may have suffered from a health setback, causing them to miss work. They may have had an expensive car repair bill which took priority because they have to have a running vehicle in order to get to work. Everybody suffers setbacks in life, and sometimes these setbacks force people to go hungry.

The communities of Morrison County can rise above that. When we recognize that we are a community that works to take care of one another, we build the social capital needed to take on even greater projects. When they are back on their feet, those past food shelf recipients will remember and be more willing to give back. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

March is the month that food shelf donations stretch the farthest. Don’t delay any longer; send in your donation today.