Commissioners see no need to adopt building code

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer

state-building-code-map-bc_map_county_jurisdiction     The Morrison County Commissioners have no interest in adopting the state building code.

There are 87 counties in Minnesota. Zoning Administrator Amy Kowalzek said 60 counties have not adopted the code.

During Tuesday’s planning meeting, Kowalzek said, “We do not have to adopt the code. On March 11, 1980, the question to adopt or not to adopt the code was voted on by the residents of the county. At that time the vote was not to adopt. So we fulfilled the requirements dictated by law.”

Kowalzek said she was bringing the information to the commissioners to see if they wanted to adopt the state code.

Basically there would be no benefit to adopting the code. Some of the reasons were, she said, “There would be an increase in the fees because the state would get a portion of them. It would cause a slowdown in construction because of the inspections needed, we would have to hire inspectors and would probably need more staff for our office.”

It was noted that whether the county adopted it or not, licensed construction workers still have to follow the state building code.

It was the consensus of the Board that the decision had already been made by the residents of Morrison County.