Social Services needs to replace one position, clarify policy

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer

Planning meetings are held by the Morrison County Commissioners approximately every two weeks. During the meetings department heads or employees bring forth information about items they would like to have the commissioners take action on at a future meeting or to inform the Board of changes or needs in their respective departments.

Tuesday, the commissioners heard Social Services Director Brad Vold’s analysis to fill a developmental disability case management position, left open due to a resignation. Vold said the primary purpose of this position is to provide care management services to individuals with developmental disabilities or related conditions while adhering to the mission of Morrison County Social Services.

“Primary duties of a developmental disability case manager include, but are not limited to, determining eligibility, assessment of strengths and needs, identifying, planning, arranging, coordinating and monitoring services all in accordance with applicable rule, statute, any other federal or state regulations and agency policy,” Vold said.

This is one of 3.5 positions that provide case management to individuals with a disability. Each position has a case load of approximately 60 individuals.

“We currently service about 206 people,” said Vold. “They also work with adults who do not qualify as disabled but are eligible for waiver funding under  MnChoices assessment.”

Commissioner Randy Winscher asked what would happen if the position were not filled.

“We would have to divide the cases among the other qualified case workers,” Vold said.

Morrison County is required by statute to provide case management to persons with developmental disabilities.

The funding for this position comes from several sources, including: Community Alternatives for Disabled Persons waiver, Developmental and Related Conditions waiver and Targeted Case Management.  These funding sources cover 100 percent of the costs of the position.

Vold was given approval to fill the position. Formal action will be taken at Tuesday’s Board meeting.

During Vold’s report, commissioners were also informed of the need to adopt a Minnesota Supplemental Assistance Special Needs Payments Policy.

The policy will detail what clients will have to do to access payment for special needs.

To receive assistance for home repairs under the policy clients must own and live in their own home.. The request must be to repair the roof, foundation, wiring, heating system or water and sewer.

One condition of the policy is the client must document the need for the repair.  The cost of the repair must not exceed 25 percent of the current value of the home or $1,000, whichever is less.

The policy also covers the assistance in purchasing  needed furniture.