Alissa Kempel is Royalton High School Artist of the Month for February


Alissa Kempel has been named the Artist of the Month at Royalton High School. She is pictured with two of her works.
Alissa Kempel has been named the Artist of the Month at Royalton High School. She is pictured with two of her works.

Alissa Kempel, daughter of Viktor and Svetlana Kempel, has been named Royalton High School’s (RHS) February Artist of the. As a senior this year, Kempel has enjoyed the freedom to create original works in the art form of her choice in the independent art classes offered at the high school.

“There are so many art styles and different mediums that I love to explore and learn. One of my favorites is anime. I have been sketching anime over the years and I am thankful for all of the support that I have received from the art department,” Kempel said.

“I am able to create works that I visualize in my dreams. I think it’s amazing that teachers like Mr. Halverson can appreciate different kinds of artwork. It’s this kind of support that creates all of the different kinds of student artwork at our school,” she said.

“When I see students like Alissa who have such unique artistic talents I need to remember that ‘art is’ what ‘art is,’” said art instructor Carl Halverson. “It’s that excitement in their eyes that creates a fire, that as an educator, I have no right to put out. In fact, it’s my job to encourage that ‘different’ art form so that it becomes an important part of their life. In these days of teaching to produce higher test scores, we must not forget that no matter how much we raise a student’s GPA, they are still going to have an interest outside of these areas of focus.”

He said, “They may choose music, reading, art, woodworking, writing, fishing, technology, etc. as their outlet. It’s what makes them who they are no matter what we feel is important for them. It’s their choice, and whether or not we agree with it, it becomes as much a part of their lives as their chosen profession. Alissa is who she is and it is part of my job to allow her choose what she does with her eight hours after she puts in her eight hours at her job or career. That’s just a fact of life that many of us who focus only on test scores may sometimes forget while we are fishing, working in the shop or maybe reading a good book after work one day. And if you’re really blessed, many times, as it is with me, your job and your hobby overlap and intertwine like a melody paired with lyrics in a song entitled, ‘My Entire Life.’”

Even though she is pursuing a career in the medical field, Kempel said she still needs to be herself.

“My career won’t stop me from using my God-given talents like photography or drawing anime or charcoal portraits that I have developed throughout my years at Royalton High School,” she said.