Diane Korver is April ‘Employee of the Month’

Treating customers with kindness, respect and doing all she can to help them comes naturally to Diane Korver. She works as a receptionist at Pine Country Bank in Little Falls.

That is why she is so surprised to be chosen as the “Employee of the Month” for April by the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s a very humbling experience. I guess when you love something as much as I do to help customers, it’s so easy to do,” she said.

It is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Rob Ronning, president of Pine Country Bank.

“Diane understands what customer service is and is always willing to give 100 percent to help out our customers,” Ronning said.

Receptionist Diane Korver, left, greets her customers, like John Faust, with a smile and is always ready to help them with their needs.
Receptionist Diane Korver, left, greets her customers, like John Faust, with a smile and is always ready to help them with their needs.

Korver said she’s very grateful to her customers and to the one who nominated her.

Korver has worked at Pine Country Bank for six years.

“Pine Country has a very warm and loving work atmosphere. My coworkers are wonderful to work with,” she said.

Korver’s history with customer service dates back to when she started working at Zapp Bank in St. Cloud in 1989.

The decision to make her heart for providing excellent customer service her career stemmed from her general love for people, she said.

“The receptionist is the first person most people see in the business, so that means I have the first opportunity to serve them in their needs,” Korver said.

Korver said the most rewarding aspect of her day is when a customer comes into the bank upset or concerned.

“It can be something that happened with their finances or account. If I can find answers and solutions for them and they leave feeling at peace and loved, then I know I have done my job,” she said.

Korver’s supervisor, Tina Scherping, assistant branch manager, said Korver is very friendly with the customers. She makes them feel special.

“She’s always hardworking, is very knowledgable and goes the extra mile to make her customers happy,” Scherping said.

Korver said she’s developed friendships with several of the customers over the years.

When she is not working, Korver said she enjoys spending time with her husband, Craig and their children, Anna, Joshua, Isaiah and Jacob.

The Korvers are very active in church activities since faith is a central part of their lives. Craig is also a deacon, Korver said.

She likes to read nonfiction and inspirational books, go camping with the family and growing a vegetable garden. A lot of the garden produce is used when she prepares meals for her family.

As Employee of the Month, Korver will receive gift certificates from Fresh Hair Professionals, Friends of Pine Grove Zoo, GoldSmith Jewelers, Lin Furniture, Lindstrom Auto Detailing, Minnesota Fishing Museum Hall of Fame and Education Center, Pizza Ranch, ServiceMaster, Spectrum Marketing Services and Subway.

She will also receive flowers from Coborn’s, a cookbook from CHI St. Gabriel’s Health Hospice Program and will have a professional photo taken by Silker Studio.