Vote ‘yes’ for Pierz referendum

To the Editor:

My family and I are moving back to Pierz. After years of trying to raise a family in other towns, we always seem to come to the fact that Pierz really shows how much they care about their young ones by the success of their sports teams, their music and fine arts programs and their academic scores.

Their facilities are talked about by children and parents I’ve met and know who live in other towns and want to come to Pierz because of all of this and more they have to offer. Pierz schools are putting us on the map in this state to be something of envy and high standard.

Voters, please don’t let this momentum stop. I’d personally love to see Pierz get an auditorium. Those who know me well enough know why.

A vote “yes” is a vote for the future growth of our town. I want my children and my children’s children to stay close to me as I grow old and this referendum will help that by keeping families together because of great schools.

Janel Betsinger, St. Joseph