Construction means school year ends a day earlier in Little Falls

Staff Writer

School will be out for the summer a day early at schools in the Little Falls School District this year as faculty and staff work to empty rooms scheduled for renovation.

The decision to amend the district’s calendar cancelling the final half-day, Friday, May 26, was approved at Monday’s Board meeting.

The Board also approved allowing faculty to coordinate with their principals to flex their last day of work, May 30, over weekends, evenings and non-contract time to make up that day.

Supt. Stephen Jones said the decision is based on the need for staff and their equipment to be gone by Memorial Day Weekend.

“If we’re going to start construction, we don’t want bodies around the construction,” Jones said.

This summer, work will be done on the Little Falls Community High School and Lindbergh Elementary School.

The parts of the buildings range from the elementary school’s roof to the high school’s locker rooms, to both building’s HVAC systems and much more.

Allowing the principals to get staff flex time in the evenings and on weekends will allow staff to get their stuff out of the rooms and into storage areas.

Board member Brad Laager said that with the construction continuing into the next school year, the schedule could be changed again next fall.

He said staff had been very helpful and cooperative with the process so far, and that the district should try to help facilitate the moving.

“I do know that our staff has been wonderful,” Laager said. “I’m very appreciative of our staff.”

Jones said the district would inform students and their families of the calendar changes soon.

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