Dewitt convicted of receiving stolen property

Micheal John Dewitt, 20, Little Falls was convicted in Morrison County District Court Wednesday, of receiving stolen property.

A misdemeanor for allegedly tampering with a vehicle was dismissed.

The charges stemmed from an Oct. 10, 2016 incident, when a woman called authorities and told them her boyfriend’s four-wheeler was stolen.

She said she believed Dewitt stole the vehicle, because he had asked about the four-wheeler on several occasions.

A relative of Dewitt’s told the woman Dewitt had told him he had stolen the four-wheeler and planned to sell it in St. Cloud.

The woman called Dewitt and told him to return the vehicle or she would turn him into the police.

Dewitt returned the vehicle, but according to the criminal complaint, it was missing a saddlebag and stickers.

There were stickers from the four-wheeler, as well as a shirt the four-wheeler’s owner had said was missing from his saddlebags.

Dewitt was given a stay of imposition and was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 30 if he turns himself in May 12, and fined $185.

He was also sentenced to five years of supervised probation.