Wimmer given stay of adjudication in felony drug case

Crystal May Wimmer, 32, Little Falls, was given a stay of adjudication Wednesday, in a felony third degree drug possession case. A felony fifth degree drug possession charge was dismissed.

The charges stemmed from an Oct. 14, 2016 incident, when a Morrison County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked at a park near Little Falls.

When he located the vehicle, the deputy noticed a strong scent of marijuana and asked the two occupants, a driver and Wimmer, to hand over any controlled substances.

Wimmer said there may be marijuana in her purse. When the deputy searched the purse, he found four pills identified as Vicodin, a schedule III controlled substance and a pill that was identified as Percocet, a schedule II controlled substance.

Wimmer said she didn’t have a valid prescription for the drugs and got them from a friend.

The third degree possession charge comes from Wimmer possessing the schedule II drugs in a park.

Wimmer pleaded guilty to the third degree possession charge as part of a plea agreement.

She was sentenced to 80 hours of community service for six months and fined $50.

Wimmer was also sentenced to 10 years of supervised probation.