Follow the law on road assessments


To the Editor:

In response to the April 9 article pertaining to the Cedar Street Improvements in Royalton, I feel that the article did not convey my concerns accurately.

I understand that infrastructure wears out and needs to be updated. It was my intent to bring attention to the Minnesota Statute 429, that states that cities’ guidelines for assessments not exceed the total amount of the increase in the homeowner’s property value. Replacing water mains, sewer lines and pavement do not increase your property value as it is maintenance of infrastructure and pavement that was already there.

My opinion that curb and gutter along Cedar Street is not necessary was shared by many other residents as well. The purpose of a public hearing is to voice your concerns, but it seems as though what is said is not necessarily what is heard. It is my hope that city officials will pursue future infrastructure maintenance in accordance with the laws and our 14th Amendment rights.

People should not have to go through the legal system to appeal flawed methods. They should be billed correctly and within proper guidelines from the start. That is what I attempted to convey at the meeting.

Bill Gutzkow, Royalton