Meet Lexi and Bro, basset hound siblings up for adoption at Morrison County Humane Society

     Meet Lexi and Bro, a pair of basset hound mixes that have been at the Humane Society for several weeks now. They are siblings and are 3 years old. They do not have to stay together, but it would be wonderful if they could. Like most basset hounds they can be vocal at times, but mostly it is just to get attention. They are very social dogs and love all adults and children as well as most other animals. The two of them would make wonderful companions either alone or as a pair.


Come in and see them anytime at the Morrison County Animal Humane Society (MCAHS), Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. The MCAHS is located at 200 Seventh Ave. NE, Little Falls. Call (320) 632-0703 for more information.