Strom charged with two felony drug sale charges

Paul Allen Strom, 27, Little Falls, has been charged in Morrison County District Court with two counts of felony third degree drug sale.

In April, a confidential informant told investigators they could purchase heroin from Strom at a rate of about $40 for .1 grams, the criminal complaint said.

The informant allegedly later purchased heroin from Strom while investigators observed, and the informant later turned over the heroin to law enforcement.

Days later, the informant made another alleged drug purchase from Strom and investigators observed a hand-to-hand purchase between the two.

The informant again turned over the heroin and said they were from Strom, the criminal complaint said.

If convicted of both charges, Strom faces up to 40 years in prison and/or $500,000 in fines.

  • Scott Zapzalka

    If convicted, how about actual time rather than the customary parole here in Morrison County.

    • MichaelP

      How about the government stop the whole “Drug war” and address addiction as a medical issue rather than a criminal issue. The government has been fighting a VERY costly drug war and the drugs are still winning. And it also doesn’t help that the government imports a lot of the drugs it turns around and arrests people for.