Kentucky man faces three criminal sex conduct charges

Anthony Wade Mallard, 38, Franklin, Kentucky, is facing two first degree criminal sexual conduct charges in one case and a second degree criminal sexual conduct charge in another in Morrison County District Court.

The two first degree charges stem from multiple alleged incidents in 2016.

On Nov. 30, 2016, the Little Falls Police Department received a report that a child under the age of 13, had allegedly been sexually assaulted.

The victim was interviewed by a Morrison County social worker, and allegedly detailed incidents where Mallard, who lived in Swanville at the time, sexually assaulted her.

The victim’s mother allegedly told officers Mallard had resided with the family between August 2016 and November 2016.

The second case stems from an alleged incident in November 2016, when a victim’s mother learned Mallard had been convicted of sexually assaulting a girl in Kentucky.

The woman asked her children, who were friends with children whose home Mallard stayed at frequently, what they knew about him.

One of the children allegedly said Mallard had inappropriately touched them during the summer.

The victim repeated this to investigators during a Nov. 17, 2016 interview.

If convicted of all charges, Mallard faces up to 85 years in prison and/or $115,000 in fines.