Staples man convicted of two felonies, others dismissed

Erik Adrian Blanco, 34, Staples was convicted May 10 of a felony for possessing stolen property and domestic assault in Morrison County District Court. Felony firearms possession and domestic assault by strangulation charges were dismissed as part of plea agreements.

The domestic assault charges stem from a Feb. 17 incident, when law enforcement responded to a reported domestic assault at a residence in Cushing.

Officers met with the person who had made the report and the victim, who had injuries on her neck and face, in a car parked outside the residence.

The victim said Blanco had gone through her phone, and thought she was cheating on him, before attacking her while she was in bed.

Blanco hit her on the head and choked her and she feared for her life.

When law enforcement spoke with Blanco, he said the victim had attacked him.

Officers observed no injuries on Blanco.

Blanco is currently on probation and officers asked him submit to a blood alcohol test, with the results allegedly coming back at .08.

Blanco was arrested and taken and to the Morrison County Jail.

Due to second degree assault and terroristic threat convictions from 2015 and 2011 respectively, the charges against Blanco were elevated to felonies.

The receiving stolen property and firearms  charges stem from a Feb. 18, 2016 incident, when the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department found a stolen handgun in Blanco’s residence.

One man later told investigators he had the thief take the stolen handgun to Blanco to cover $300 he owed him.

Another person said she heard Blanco say he needed to move the gun.

For both charges, Blanco was sentenced to 27 months in prison and was fined $270.