End the free ride; vote ‘no’ May 22


To the Editor:

As most people know, Pierz School District is proposing an $18.45 million referendum. They are saying they need this because enrollment is increasing. What most people don’t know is the reason enrollment is increasing is due to Pierz offering open enrollment which accounts for 23 percent of students.

So in other words, the taxpayers of #484 are giving 23 percent of students’ parents a free ride because their real estate taxes won’t increase while ours will increase significantly.

They say money follows the students. If that’s so, and it’s such a money-maker then they should use that money to build their school and not be asking the taxpayers of District 484 to increase their taxes for the next 25 years.

If we end or cap open enrollment as some districts have, the need for this huge addition should go away because we will no longer be overcrowded.

They’d like to get this passed soon so they can figure out what to do with the kitchen and cafeteria situation. The kitchen isn’t in the plan, so how much more will that cost?

Vote “no” May 22.

Steve Waytashek, Pierz.