Pierz community, not just schools, will benefit from ‘Yes’ vote


Guest Columnist


I would like the voters for the Pierz school referendum to really do their research before just saying “no.”

I was reluctant at first to support this project because I thought my taxes would increase. No one likes that. But I decided to call Supt. George Weber, to ask him some questions about the upcoming referendum which he gladly answered. Then I was able to attend a couple of meetings that Weber and District Business Manager Earl Athman, presented about the project.

Many of us community members thought the plan included another gym that was unnecessary (not true). This gym is needed every hour of every school day for our elementary kids for their phy-ed classes. Also, the current elementary gym will be turned into classrooms that are desperately needed.

The band room, parking lot and auditorium would also greatly benefit our community and its students for many years to come.

Open enrollment brings in $10 million every four years to our school. This money would be going to other schools in the state if we did not have open enrollment. This money has allowed the school to do many projects including academic, vocational, special education and technology.

Everyone is looking at the financial impact it is going to cost us if it passes. Please look instead at the financial impact that will benefit us if it does pass.

Businesses in town will benefit from the expansion of the school for many years to come. Many of the staff at our district live in our area and are involved in many organizations that we have in our community.

Some Pierz graduates leave our high school with two years of college courses already completed at no cost to their parents. That alone is a savings of a minimum of $16,000 per student. Hats off to all employees of District 484 for making this possible.

Please get out and support this project. Please vote yes.

The “Support Pierz School” committee has a site on Facebook. Go to Facebook and search Support Pierz Schools. You will find some interesting facts on the page.


                Todd Preimesberger is a resident of Pierz.