Abigail Schwab is Royalton High School Artist of the Month

Abigal Schwab, a home-schooled student, chose to take art classes at Royalton High School and was recently named an Artist of the Month.

Abigail Schwab, the daughter of Ashley and Craig Schwab, was chosen as Royalton High School’s Artist of the Month. Because she attends Royalton High School solely for its art classes, and is home-schooled for her core classes, she has earned the honor in a somewhat non-traditional way.

“I heard really great things about the Art program at Royalton High School and because I was home-schooled, I really didn’t have an art class before last year,” Schwab said. “I always loved to draw and paint, but really didn’t learn anything about color theory and how to make my work come to life. I have enjoyed every minute of my art classes at Royalton High School and it was an awesome choice. Mr. Halverson always encouraged me when I got stuck on a project and needed some advice.”

Royalton High School art instructor Carl Halverson said he feels Schwab is one of the most talented artists not only in her class, but in the school.

“Students from the home schools in the area have many different talents that we in public education might not get to view. But they are no less talented. I really like the fact that Royalton high School was her first choice to study and develop her artistic talents,” Halverson said.

Schwab could have commuted to any of the area schools, but chose Royalton, Halverson said.

“It speaks highly of our reputation in not only our visual arts, but also our school atmosphere as a whole. She not only found and developed her skills in the arts, she also found other students in the art room to grow and connect with,” he said.

Schwab started her own jewelry business to purchase her first barrel saddle. She renamed it “Barn Door Art and Designs” which includes commissioned drawings and paintings.

She plans to attend St. Cloud Technical College for accounting and hopes to one day open up a bakery business, with her jewelry business on the side.