Pierz discusses plans for park after slide is vandalized

Staff Writer

A vandalized slide at Legion Park in Pierz led to a discussion at Monday’s Council meeting on whether or not to purchase a solution right away.

Public Works Administrator Robert Otremba informed the Council that a one-by-one-foot hole had been made in the slide.

As of right now, Otremba has placed a cow pen around the equipment to keep people off of it.

The slide was purchased 20 years ago, Otremba said, and the company the city purchased it from no longer has the piece in stock. Still, it is offering the city a 40 percent discount on a new piece to serve as a replacement.

Between the slide and other pieces of equipment at the park that are no longer up to code, the cost of redoing the area could be between $10,000 and $20,000, Otremba said.
“Otherwise, right where I’ve got that pen part, you can just buy a gate basically to block off that slide for $600,” Otremba said.

This would buy the city a few years to save up for new equipment.

A claim was submitted to insurance June 9, though Mayor Toby Egan said it may have depreciated out.

“I think we really need to have a slide there,” Councilman Mike Menden said.

He did however say that the city should wait to hear from the insurance company before making a decision at the next Council meeting.

The city could also purchase equipment through National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Egan said, where it currently has about $5,000 credited to the city.

If the insurance gets back to the city, Egan said the public works committee and Otremba should make a decision on what to do with the area and inform the Council of developments at its next meeting, Monday, June 26, at 7 p.m., in the Pierz City Hall.