Minneapolis man convicted of stealing firearm

Zachary James Laird, 27, Minneapolis, was convicted July 5, in Morrison County District Court of stealing an AR-15 rifle from a Little Falls apartment.

The charges stem from a Jan. 8, 2016 incident, when the Little Falls Police Department received a report of a stolen firearm.

The victim reported a AR-15 rifle was missing from an apartment and Laird was suspected, as he was known to have been at the apartment when the theft occurred.

Laird said that another party had taken the firearm. He then changed his story, admitting he had taken the firearm and sold it to a drug dealer.

Laird said he would retrieve the gun.

The victim later contacted law enforcement to report that the rifle was located in the back of the victim’s pickup truck, although the victim had no idea how it got there.

The victim said that he received a phone called from Laird in which Laird stated he had put the firearm in the truck.

In a second conversation with police, Laird said he stole the gun with someone else, and the two sold it for $450 and split the money.

Laird was sentenced to 147 days in jail and was given credit for 147 days served.

He was also sentenced to 20 years of supervised probation and was fined $135.